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Relaxed Birthing? Sign me up!

While the concept sounds complicated and strange, the practice is actually quite simple. Hypnobirthing at its core is a woman entering a self-imposed state of relaxation during labor.

But how could a mother possibly be relaxed during labor?

Numerous studies have been conducted showing the awesome power of the mind and its ability to control the body even when put in extreme circumstances. Hypnobirthing practitioners teach expectant woman the ancient arts of relaxed breathing, meditation, and overall holistic health in order to create a calm birthing atmosphere that is more likely to result in a desired natural birth.

Whether or not a natural, intervention-free childbirth is the goal, hypnobirthing combined with the support of a doula can greatly increase a woman’s overall satisfaction with her birth experience. Even a planned c-section can benefit from hypnobirthing’s positive affirmations and relaxed breathing techniques.

At Doula Link, we highly encourage expecting parents to research all methods of birth practices and find what’s right for them. A hypnobirth can be a wonderful, positive, and empowering birth experience that is worth exploring.