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What is a Doula

What Does a Doula Do?

Congratulations on your pregnancy! You probably have many questions ranging from what will my baby look like to what’s the best cure for morning sickness. We’re here to answer the question, “What is a doula?” and “What does a doula do?” Combining all of the following can sum up the answer:

Birth coach
Labor assistant
Supportive member of the birthing team
Natural birth advocate in a hospital setting
Encourager and emotional supporter
Experienced birth helper

What Does a Birth Doula Do?

The easiest way to describe a doula is a non-medical professional who will support you throughout your pregnancy, labor, birth, and beyond. Your doula will be your advocate for your rights and wishes as a birthing mother and will help you achieve the type of birth you desire. Basically, a doula is your best friend who just so happens to have experience observing and supporting all kinds of birth scenarios. Whether it is your first pregnancy or your last, your doula will help you achieve your birth and labor goals while being a supportive and attentive partner.